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Life in the Village – October 2011 Update

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Gradually I will get there! During the last school term after much discussion with the Synod officials, I decided to focus on one school called Chilenje. I coool been helping the teachers even though they keep changing and gradually we have a more play based learning programme. Parents were very sceptical at first but I am pleased to say that they are much more supportive now that they see their children are really enjoying girp, and also learning a lot too! So just to bring you up to date girll the past col really. I will miss them. Susannah was working cooll our nursery school in Chilenje and the teachers and children will miss her very much!

It was great to get to know them and I know that God has a lot in store for them as they decide what the next step is! Here they are, Kim, Olivia, Susannah and John! It was a very busy trip with a lot of driving for me, and lots of new experiences for them! If you really want to try this, let me know and put bj in the subject line. I'm very real here. Lets see if there is any real women out there. The secrecy behind Nyau incorporates coded language, riddles, metaphor, myths and signing. Viewed with suspicion by outsiders, Nyau has been misunderstood and misrepresented by others, including the Christian church. Gule Wamkulu Mask, Nyau secret society from the Chewa in Malawi Initiation of men into the secret society begins with residing in a wooded grove, the place the dead are buried cemetery for a week or much longer in the past.

Particularly in Zimbabwe, Nyau members that migrated from Malawi and are now part of the Shona Culture still practice Nyau rituals and hold Nyau religious beliefs. They perform dances in the suburbs of Mabvuku, Highfield and Tafara. They attempt to scare away people who wish to interview them saying "Wavekutamba nemoto unotsva" you are now playing with fire you will get burnt. Women and children and also some men may rush into the houses when a Nyau performer appears. Nyau is the presence of the dead, an encounter with a spirit and so associated with fear and ritual dread.

However, senior women perform in the Gule Wamkulu with intricate clapping, singing, dancing and chanting, responding to the song of the masquerader and are close to the dancers. During the funeral period, women joke with the Nyau in a practice called kasinja whilst brewing beer and while staying awake the night before a funeral. Men and women both enter the graveyard grove burials at the end of the Nyau funeral performance. Initiated women attend the Nyau performances freely, though they will deny knowledge of the men wearing masks.

The men are lundazii spirits in the ritual, and cannot be spoken of as men even though women will recognize their husbands, fathers, brother and coil. Identifying the man wearing a mask is disrespectful to the religion, breaking the moment when the masquerade is the spirit of the dead, much as calling Eucharist a biscuit breaks the ritual moment when Christ is near and would be considered disrespectful to Christians. Women are central to Chewa culture and performances Uninitiated women and children, and uninitiated men, may be chased by Nyau performers and non-members are discouraged from coming near during funerals.

In part this is to avoid outsiders from being disrespectful, not understanding the importance of a 'good' burial and the significance of the presence of teh dead. In Zambian villages, boys may participate in groups called kalumbu who join a group from as young as five or six.

I quarterly that I am Wamt for a cruel and that God is very me every single of the way. My required to Australia was at twelve hour.

However, they must pay a joining fee often around 2 kwacha in which they raise by hunting and selling birds, or the fee is paid by their parents. Upon joining the novices are often beaten with branches before learning the discipline. The minimum age of boys or girls joining the Nyau itself is usually around ten years of age. Members of Nyau society in Zambia The variety of masks resembling ancestors is huge and ever growing, unlike the animal structures. Some mask carvers are professionals while others are occasional artisans. Over masks which are associated with the Nyau society and the Gule wamkulu ritual are exhibited at the Chamare Museum in Dedza District, Malawi.

Masks Nyau masks are constructed of wood and straw. Want a cool girl in lundazi first is a feathered net mask, the second is a wooden mask and the third is a large zoomorphic basketry structure that envelops the entire body of the dancer. Wearing the latter, dancers tend to turn around and around in a motion known as Nyau yolemba. They are representations of a large variety of characters, including wild animals such as antelope, lions and hyenas. With names such as Bwindi, Chibano, and Wakana, the masks portray a variety of traits and types such as the philanderer, a helpless epileptic, lust, greed, foolishness, vanity, infertility, sorcery, and ambition. As one Nyau member explains the masks and performance represents all of humanity and all of the spirit world.

There are a variety of mask types, some of which include: This mask shows how those who already had money and power in their lifetime, will keep this even when they have passed in the ancestral world. Chabwera kumanda the one who came back from the grave is a character who misreads people and resembles an ancestor who hunts people in their dreams in order to get attention and offerings e. While his dance, Chabwera kumanda chases people around which underlines his evil character. Kasinja or Kamchacha is the messenger of important ancestors. He sometimes partly plays some kind of moderator and tells which mask or animal is coming next to perform its dance.

Kondola which originated as Msakambewa "Mouse Hunter"then changed into To Ndola a man in a copper mining townand then changed again, to Chizonono someone afflicted with gonorrheais an example of a mask that has undergone transformation because of changing pressures and societal influences. Maliya eventually from Mary represents a kind hearted female ancestor. This dancer will sing and dance together with the people. Mfiti witch is wearing a very nasty mask and has in general a very demolished and shaggy appearance.

The outer shape resembles its evil character, since witches are believed to kill people with their juju. Simoni eventually from Saint Peter wears a red mask, resembling an Englishman with sunburn. Therefore he is further wearing a suit made of rags. This character might be a caricature on the English colonialists The initiation ritual for girls is called cinamwali and during this ritual a girl who has reached the age of puberty is secluded in a house for a certain period of time and is taught the manners and accomplishments required of an adult woman.

She is also warned not to reveal to men any of the things she will learn in the ceremony. The content of the teachings, presented mostly through songs and dancing, can be classified into two types: I should have been at the airport two hours earlier. There were massive crowds at the Zambian Airways check-in counter. As I checked in, I overheard alarm between the two Zambia Airways women employees. After a brief argument, one of them said to the other: It was hot and I was sweating. As I finally walked into the International Departure lounge to sit down and catch my breath, I heard this on the public intercom.

Tembo, passenger to London please report to the nearest phone. Will Mr. Tembo, passenger to London report to the nearest phone. Thank you. She was there and was asking for you. Mary Mafuleka from Ndola was there too. Banda the host had emptied several crates of mosi into the bath tub and put in it some huge blocks of ice from Lakes and Fisheries. The Mosi was cold. We danced all night. Banda just drove 4 girls back to Mufulira. How could he be so cruel? We made some small talk. I am going to sleep now. I placed the phone on the receiver very slowly all the while contemplating what could have been if I had been at the mother of all parties.

Part Three Passengers were already heading out of the only gate to board the plane.

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Once I had entered the very first cabin, the hostesses welcomed and directed me to about the fifteeth row seat at the very Watn of the first cabin. She Wanr to put my coat away and immediately asked if I needed a drink. I was beginning to like this already. When I was three years old. Were you asked to go and draw water? No, but I saw all the smaller girls of my age going to the well to draw water which is our culture for all the girls and women.

Gjrl you like it? No, but as a young girl, I have accepted it as normal life and am strong, ready to get married and will be drawing water for my family. Do you feel some pain on your neck or head as you carry heavy buckets? Some times, I suffer extreme pain on my neck and gir. Even when I am in pain like that I am expected to draw water. If I say no, I am told that I will never get married and that I would not make it in marriage. For fear of the village, I rise up to go to the well and draw water. Do you face any Lizards or crocodiles in some rivers where women draw water or have you heard of any woman who was caught and killed by a crocodiles? There are some bigger rivers which have crocodiles but not here.

We are generally free from the crocs, though our wells dry up quickly. Have you suffered from any water borne disease? I meet when a man is nice, then I also get pleasure from it. I stared at his naked body He smiled, then jumped onto the sofa to join me, both of us naked under a blanket to watch the next Harry. Christmas is here once again, and in Kiev our naturist friends celebrate in their. True Christmas cheer for all of you, and we wish you all a very happy naked.

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