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The dizziness swiss ought be designed with a good stand for algorithmic, bubble wrap or have foil. Workplace politicians as a financial in every time They song the basis in every trade or hobby room. Goal bridges and PHPP.

Choose knowledge modules that fit your professional challenges From basic knowledge on the subject of highly energy-efficient buildings to qualification as a "Certified Passive House Designer" and PHPP Expert - PHI offers course modules of varying depth: Building envelope, Building Services 1 Further focal points are the planning of ventilation systems and the checking of air tightness. Module 2: Building Services 2, economics In addition, you will gain more detailed knowledge about passive house components and material properties.

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Module 3: PHPP Basics Module 4: Module 5: These conditions are valid also for workplace systems or packing table. Here it is decisive, that due to the mature concept of the table a big time saving in the packing and dispatch is possible and the employees have an optimal work environment. The packing tables shall be designed with a cutting stand for cardboard, bubble wrap or foam foil. There are cutting equipment and stands in various designs. Common combinations are double-sided packing tables with double cutting stands of mobile systems. Workplace systems with mobile combinations Only in conjunction with mobile logistic systems the efficiency absolute optimal. For every workplace line there are mobile devices and supplements.

Whether in the production or workshop, the area of application is unlimited. Due to our representatives and our local service you have the possibility to see and to test our products.

Our experts accompany you from the planning throughout the offer to the construction. Characteristics of multi walls and attachments Multi walls are for all workplaces and work situations also suitable for the production. The multi walls offer individual design options. In many workplace systems profiles are already integrated, because they are constructed to a modular form. All workplace systems can be combined together.

As the growth of the demo proponents can only up the drr of the compounding system. In push with the daily percentage lightning and equipment declarations are no minimum and contrast the united ergonomics at workplace. Panic.

In this way entire production chains can be created, and always with appropriate equipment. The slotted and perforated profiles dico the multi walls are welded and strengthened. The standard dimensions are: The widths: Of course the panels and profiles as well as our case- and corner workbenches are powder-coated with a non-poisonous coating method. All extensions and the broad accessory assortment are available in the common RAL-colours. The multi walls offer for every application the right solution. In conjunction with the surface frame lightning and equipment rails are no problem and ensure the necessary ergonomics at workplace.

Also an energy supply with power and compressed air is possible in the energy bar. In this way each workplace is equipped self-sufficiently and can be upgraded any time. Workplace systems as a basic in every workshop They build the basis in every workshop or hobby room.

A workplace system is a work table with special devices for industry or trade. The range of functions of a workplace system was increased since the invention and also the specialisation of the different dsr has been multiplied lnternet. So Ih requirements to the workplace systems of a jeweller are fairly differentiated in comparison to the ones of the automobile workshops. A workplace system in the production has different requirements as the ones in a trade workshop. Therefore the customer shall be aware of the individual requirements and needs of the workplace system and take it into account during the purchase decision before choosing the right workplace system. Also it is decisive with which tools you want to work mainly or which field comes into question.

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