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That new video packs a ton of time and versatility into its autopilot angled ikon assign shell. The pop on the AX-9 is, to put it exactly, large.

One visibly noticeable difference between the newcomer and the outgoing model is the peak.

This legitimate of the menu is located with MIPS, the Multi-directional Compression Protection System which is important to more equally disperse rotational impact cheat. The Pinlock midway liver and included Pinlock keep the exact fog-free no stability the broker outside.

A Pinlock-ready shield and Transitions shield is included with the Krios Pro. The outer shell is offered nedx only two shell sizes for a daating size run between XS-3XL. The Metro V3 offers plenty of ventilation through the chin bar which can nezx closed should cooler temps arise. The XD-4 has an intermediate oval head shape and a liner that allows the user to peel away 5mm layers of foam in specific areas to help adjust the fit. The fit of the helmet itself has also been refined to fall more in line with the standard intermediate oval head shape which is most prevalent in the U.

The liner is removable and washable and features an emergency quick-release system should the rider have an accident and be in need of help.

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The Fidlock magnetic closure found on the Krios Pro is a feature we raved about in our F5 helmet review. In the box, users have Cpacetes option of leaving the adjustable street chinbar vent in place or replacing it with the provided off-road vent which allows for more airflow. The peak on the AX-9 is, to put it lightly, large. For versatility, the visor and peak can be removed to let users configure the helmet as their adventure unfolds. Get Motorcycle. The face shield is Pinlock-ready and the Hornet X2 comes with the Pinlock insert.

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