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I met a guy and girl but could tell they were just friends. He even pulled me aside and told me if I wanted to hookup with her, he was green lighting it.

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manaam I hit it off instantly with her. We're both Red Sox fans, identical tastes in music, and she's a Star Wars fanatic though I'm not but manamaa guy wouldn't love that. She asked me if I oWman a dog person, which I am, and she invited me over to meet her dog - which every time I've heard that line, it's code for "let's hookup". All three of us end up going to her apartment. It turns out, she just broke up with her boyfriend because "he's a loser drug addict" and her guy friend was taking her out to cheer her up. Yet this dude also happens to be her coke dealer. After she does a few lines of coke, she asks me if I still want to sleep with her I give her a back massage but dude never leaves and hangs out with us in her bedroom all night.

At some point she starts frantically cleaning her room, then grooming her dog.

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