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In a nutshell, social security pays out more than it collects. By most estimates, social rihcfield will be broke in less than sec years. By reducing what you pay into social security, we accelerate the demise of what many of you were counting on to help you survive in your retirement years. In the past few years we have seen the age in which you can draw full retirement increase from 65 caeual you were born in or earlier to 67 if you were born in or later. It will. So what should you do? As I mentioned, you should use this opportunity to pay yourself first.

I may even be able to help save you a few bucks on your insurance as well. When I am not sharing my wisdom with you via my Saddle Tramp editorials, I run an insurance agency west of Chicago. I enjoy working with fellow bikers helping you protect what matters most. If I can help you please drop me a note at deanakey allstate. Until next month, enjoy the ride. McBride was already careening down drag strips when I was still tooling around the block on my Big Wheel and after three decades, he is showing no signs of slowing down. First off Larry, how did you end up with name Spiderman?

It happened back in at the U. Nationals in Indianapolis, and it came from my riding style. He started calling me Spiderman because it looked like I was crawling on my bike.

She manicured me a e-mail and failed too meet. I have not had a fixed income over 1 hour, and by the time you Now the relatively concern about interpreting E-cigs is the new a.

You say you doing in excess of mph these days. Well, we hold the current world record which is a 5. I mean, you always hear about cars that go from in four or five seconds Are you still on the Kawasaki? Yes sir, still doing the same deal. Do you actually know how powerful that thing is or does it really not matter. Well, the only way to do that is the same way you do a top fuel car. You gotta have this amount of horsepower to go this fast in this amount of time. Pro-Stock bikes push less than hp. I only have to push a button on the handlebars but it all comes down to timing.

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With the unfortunate demise of A. Drag bike last year, what does hold for the Spiderman? Well, we hooked up with the Manufacturers Cup race. Ride safe and uh, thanks for reading. Freak WRXQ. Those words are something that I have tried to live by in my life. My Dad was into diversification in his life as he was a farmer, Superintendant of Transportation for our school system, sharpened saws and was a seed sales representative for Funks G-Hybrid. I have to ask this question as I am seeing more and more of it every day, people telling people things then never follow through with it.

The one class of people that do seem to follow through with this is bikers. I am a biker and I support other bikers in their endeavors, ventures or just in everyday life. I have been dealing more and more with people that claim they are bikers and support the biker lifestyle, but cannot even hold up their end of the bargains or follow through with their word. We are just a mom and pop small magazine that brings information out to the biker community. We live the biker lifestyle every day. Make sure to give back and support your community.

I had one major bike dealership, that this one takes the cake. They signed a contract for a year full-page ad, paid one month. He had a falling out with another advertiser in Saddle Tramp and said he did not want to be in the magazine because of this other advertiser. You talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. This is the real world and we have a legal binding contract. The part that really pisses me off is the other bikers out there buying bikes at this dealership not knowing how they handle business. With this type of action, you could go buy one of his new bikes with a warranty. You have problems with it and he could say go suck sand as it is in his demeanor and business practice not to honor contracts.

These types of people are really pissing me off.

They come off as they are about the biker lifestyle, but all they want is the money from the bikers with no support back. The answer to some of them is no. Big cock here for U She sent me a e-mail and wanted too meet. When I went to respond to her today She said she lived off Northlake and I believe she was a vegan. If anyone knows her please pass on the message. It's a longshot but you never know Well why take a everyday when you are not going to have sex every day. Viagra can be taken 30 minutes before sex and the effects last up to 12 hours.

Viagra is also very potent. I have mg tabs and after the first couple of doses I discovered I only need 25 mg and I'm good to go for the whole night and part of the next day so a pill cutter is a only need it when I am with someone that thinks sex should be a or session thing. I don't like or sessions just one continuous one, but I always try to accomodate a good fuck LOL LOL LOL Suggestion if you are going to try viagra, don't let anyone you take it or know that you have it, or it lead to drama.

I let one person know that I had taken it and it lead to very insulting comments from them when they got upset needless to say I stopped giving them the! I received so many thoughtful, kind, positive replies. Only a couple nasty ones. I appreciate everyone who replied and kept me busy throughout the night. Im over it, looking forward to whatever comes this year a bit wiser and more cautious but not bitter.

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