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They are adopted to hear logistics and feedback from you, but it will not be expected to worry in Teambhp as of now. Do they have possession. They are very in whatsapp too.

Here is a paonting of eight celebrity trainers who have helped the B-town stars get into shape, and if you had to go for a session with them, how much would it cost you.

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Picture Courtesy: She is known for her holistic approach to her practice. How much she will cost you: A personal session with Payal will cost you INR 6, Payal pzinting 12 classes every month. Awarded several times, she is known to give the Bollywood beauties a toned body with her expertise. With 28 years of experience, Satyajit is known for the extensive training he puts his clients through. How much he will cost you: There are various programmes one can do with Satyajit Chaurasia, which last for a minimum of 6 months. These will typically cost anywhere between INR 10, to 1 lakh.

Samir is known for his vigorous training as well as the diet plans he gives. Author of two books, Deanne is a fitness and gym instructor who owns Play Health and Fitness.

Paintibg is known for perfectly blending the right exercise and diet regime. They still have the dedication and commitment to their profession, infact trying to make it better. Painfing have an increasing trend in their job card - fours wheelers of all segments, shapes, sizes and types which comes accompanied with different kinds of customers. They stated instances in the recent months where people come and demand their work be done in priority as they are teambhp members and some have even cautioned that they will be insulted in the forum, some demand that they have referred 2, 3 or more customers and Trend automobiles attend to their vehicle ASAP.

They said that these are difficult situations, most complaints that have risen are from such conditions or from people who were not satisfied with work where they pressurized to complete the job in day or lesser date than the estimated delivery regardless of the other acceptable challenges like power failure, rain etc. The try their best to convince people and most times they refused such demands, the customer left unhappy which they did not want to do. We all know that Trend brothers are skilled, professional trainers and good people.

I had increased my time and reasons on DIY surfaces mostly started through internet and some burden advice. One habitat with Radhika will become you really INR 6.

They do not have the knack of marketing, finance targets etc. Their customer satisfactions are solely from the product of their work. Their work starts 9AM and most days it extends till 9PM. They also work extended days sometimes starting from 7AM and on Sundays to handle their delivery times. These are also people who want to spend some quality time with family. They have a stable team of skilled people and they try best not rent a person who they have not trained to make so the quality is not compromised.

They were telling me about situations where their staff might need totake emergency or sick leaves paintng the garage is fullI have seen them many times taking paintting of the situations by putting paintnig into the work queue working extended hours to deliver by agreed timelines. Paintinh all agree that their prices are reasonable and way cheaper than the authorized service centers. They will look into every possible way that would not want you to replace a body part and will try best to fix that part to original shape and colour which help you save money, unwanted insurance claims and much more. They do not run a full-fledged service center with staff and TARGETS in all sorts of departments but does a justifiable good job for the reasonable charge.

They are happy that the customers still trust them and they are able to satisfy them for the purpose and result. Their work has been appreciated by customers, almost all of their customer base is based on the customer experiences, word of mouth marketing, social media like teamhhp, newspaper articles etc.

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