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Compendium of Residential Care and Assisted Living Regulations and Policy: 2015 Edition

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Services Residential care settings generally can provide a wide range of services. Although the selt and scope of services offered, especially in relation to those offered by nursing facilities, has been a topic of debate in many states, onlime requirements for basic services do not vary greatly, except for the level of Watcu they provide. In general, settings on,ine meet residents' needs datong long as they do datibg exceed the admission and retention criteria. The most commonly described services include personal care e. Pnline states require that access to services be available 24 hours daily.

However, states vary regarding requirements for nursing services, the type of medication services provided described in medidated following sectionand mental health services. As discussed above, many states do selff allow residential care providers to furnish skilled nursing services except on a short-term basis and when delivered by a licensed nurse or an outside, or third-party, agency. In Oregonresidential care settings must provide nursing services, which are defined as For example, Alaska rules indicate that facilities may provide health-related services, including assistance with self-administration of medication, intermittent nursing services, hour skilled nursing for up to 45 days, and hospice services.

It is unclear, based on this description, whether a facility must provide these services should a resident require them or if the resident would need to be relocated without their provision. The following subsections describe the service planning process including timing and staff involved in service planning or assessment ; managed or negotiated service agreements; and provisions regarding third-party service providers such as home health or hospice agencies. Service Planning Most states have specific provisions regarding when and how residents' and prospective residents' needs should be assessed, the content of the assessment, participants in the service planning process including health professionals who are not employed by the residential care settingand the type of service plan to be based on the assessment sometimes referred to as an evaluation.

Washington provides a very detailed example of an assessment: Except in cases of emergency, the facility must not admit an individual before obtaining a thorough assessment of his or her needs and preferences. The assessment must cover recent medical history; necessary and contraindicated medications; a licensed medical or other health professional's diagnosis, unless the individual objects for religious reasons; significant known behaviors or symptoms that may cause concern or require special care; mental illness; level of personal care needs; activities and service preferences; and preferences regarding other issues important to the resident applicant, such as food and daily routines.

Based on the assessment, the facility must complete an initial resident service plan upon move-in to identify the resident's immediate needs and to provide direction to staff and caregivers. Within 14 days after move-in, the facility must complete a full assessment of the resident's functional and health needs-as specified in regulation. Facilities must repeat a limited assessment when a resident's condition changes and the resident's negotiated service agreement no longer addresses the resident's needs. Like Washingtonsome states specify that an assessment be completed before admission for the purpose of determining whether admission is appropriate e. The written care plan must be completed some days after admission, for example, within 7 days Connecticut14 days Arizona30 days AlaskaDistrict of Columbiaand 45 days West Virginia.

Because the assessment typically includes health and functional status, states may require input from the applicant's health care provider or a professional employed by or associated with the residential care setting.

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However, some states simply require, for example, a comprehensive assessment of physical, health, behavioral, and social needs without specifying who is responsible for conducting the assessment. Several states require an assessment of the residents' ability to self-administer medications or their need for medication services e. The service plan is based on the assessment, and states generally require that residents be involved in the planning process, as well as a family representative, if appropriate. Service plans are most often completed by facility staff, though some states require a licensed nurse to review the plan, which must specify the type, scope, and frequency of services that will be provided, and the resident's preferences regarding service provision.

For example, Kansas requires that if a resident needs health care services, a licensed nurse must develop a health care service plan that specifies the skilled nursing services to be provided and the licensed person or agency that will provide the services. States generally require that assessments and service plans be updated periodically. Most states specify a time frame, such as 6 months or annually, in addition to requiring reassessment following a change in the resident's health or behavior, a hospitalization, or if requested by the resident or a responsible person. The service plan must be modified to reflect any changes based on the assessment.

Some states refer generally to addressing residents' "preferences" in service plans. Details are rarely included, although a few states address resident preferences in the context of managed or negotiated risk agreements. Of 15 states that had risk agreement provisions inless than half seven specifically addressed the residents' cognitive capacity to understand and sign the agreement. Utah is an anomaly in that it requires facilities to document, before admitting a resident into a dementia care unit, that a wandering risk management agreement has been negotiated with the resident or that the resident's responsible person has signed the agreement as a proxy.

Such an agreement raises legal concerns because it is questionable that a person being admitted to a dementia care unit is legally competent to enter into such an agreement, or that a relative or other person may accept risk on behalf of an individual with cognitive impairment.

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