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I continued masturbating without taking any rest or becoming flaccid then. Are they aware you are the world masturbating champion? They feel proud of me since last year's my victory, I think. Richard has spent his weekend roasting a wild boar for his Lost party no polar bears were available On-line fanboy speculation is at a fever-pitch right now, much of it concerning the concert Kate was about to attend at the end of last week's episode: Maxwell's Hammer says: Maybe you're like those babies who enjoy playing peak-a-boo, who are genuinly surprised and amused that mommy's face magically materialized out from behind her hand which you didn't realize she was attached to.

I speak of the flash-sideways universe in which even the dead castaways are alive, and thriving, and which may allow the characters to have their happy endings. These devices are the meter and rhyme of "Lost," and — with the rhythms of the actors and the colors of the island — they've kept the show kind of beautiful, even when it hasn't made much sense or has wandered into unprofitable cul de sacs. Here's some info from the website: Are you an Exhibitionist? The daring can choose to become a masturbation porn star, showing all for our internet streaming cameras.

Sign up to masturbate live on-camera at the event in SF. Are you a Voyeur? You don't have to sign up as a masturbator to enjoy the event. Come as a spectator! To find out more about the cost, rules of respect or to reserve a space in voyeurs land, visit our spectator's page. Attention Competitors If you plan on challenging the World Record for Time you must be present by Just want to Wank with others? We also have spaces set up away from the cameras and voyeurs where you can masturbate with others. There are mixed gender, male only, and female only spaces.

Not Sure you want to be part of the live event? You can join us by masturbating from home! Click here to find out how. It will be a nice break from Chatroulette, but basically the same premise. It's National Masturbation Month! Former KU football coach Mangino finally packed his bags this week and headed off to Florida, leaving in his wake a trail of snarky on-line comments, such as this one: He's topical, hilarious, and has an appreciation for a classic fat-joke. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders," according to a piece from www. The piece contains some titillating stats, such as this: I'd describe myself as a very enthusiastic masturbator, and quite skillful. Enjoy your weekend, readers.

Here are some excerpts from the Pitch's review of Tom Huck's woodcut prints: A topless woman astride one unfortunate tubby officer wields a chain saw over his head. A mischievous child torments a hogtied Buford T. Justice with a doughnut-baited fishing line.

Beggars - Beatty 4: You Dog!!.

ni The composition is draped in viscera, fat and gristle, strewn with sausage links and greasy, smiling faces. I'd vote art on this one if it wasn't for the title kn the kn If so, I'll vote art as well. Delicious art. A further entwining of racist iconography and sexual imagery: A Nazi woman is erotically asphyxiating her hooded partner from below with a noose. It's the persistence and coupling of race hatred across cultures and hemispheres. The image, like "Oinktoberfest," is so confrontational that it's easy to overlook the technical precision and confident style with which Huck executes his art.

Ladies, would you bang him? Here he is, posing in front of some books: Posted by Nog at 7: Since Lawrence. Hipsters love air guitar competitions because they require even less actual talent than singing karaoke. Here are three photos from last week's air guitar night at the Jackpot. We suspect this fellow is playing something off Nirvana's MTV unplugged set: And this woman? The Breeders, maybe? Some sort of complicated math-rock for this scholarly-looking hipster, no doubt. Here's the LJ-World headline: Man those bullies that pick on children should be talked to.

What I'd do is sue the restaurant for false advertising. No, it's not a side-project we wish! Listen to them here: Louis Riverfront Times says their sound is "quietly evolving, from a mix of bright guitar ringlets, glockenspiel noodling and Erick Crosby's angst-strafed vocal yelps to a fuzzier, hookier sound that makes their fusion of the Cure and Modest Mouse sensible, even danceable.

Fucking sell-outs. Even so, I might attend the show just to see the masks. Will tonight's penultimate episode redeem the mess of this season or continue its slide kallamata the kind of soul-crushing disappointment that will turn fanboys off of weekly "appointment" television once and for ajd Let's kalamatta out what's being said ane AICN: Vader says: Its the same energy that healed Locke's back, wpmen Rose's Fit and fuckable women in kalamata, got Sun pregnant, and threw Ben and Locke through time when they turned the frozen donkey wheel. Anyone who claims womenn golden gave is fuckablr is really an idiot. Vader jesus christ, you're aware that pseudo means false right?

Because some people would call "false science" a type of magic. I'm seriously questioning whether you understand your use of the phrase pseudoscience. Are you 12 bro? Becuase Fuckavle feel like you might be Readers, we were kslamata enough to think that the vampire fad of late might be i a bit, but a quick glance at yesterday's New York Times Bestseller list reveals that the newest book eight in a series of vampire novels called iin Black Dagger Brotherhood" series is perched at 2 on the kalaamata. The Times refers to their author, JR Ward, as a woman who "spend[s] her days thinking about the acrobatic couplings of vampires" Richard: Our interweb research reveals that the series "focuses on six vampire brothers and warriors who live together and defend their race against Lessers, de-souled humans who threaten their kind" and that it is especially popular among women big surprise!

Luckily, there are excerpts on-line, so let's take a look at see if these scenes are boner-worthy: And it makes me want to get you naked. Aside from that distraction, Ward does seem to have a way with dialogue. It's easy to see Rehvenge's appeal to female readers in the way he maintains an appreciation of female authority 'You drive a hard bargain' despite his dominant sexual power. Rehv shut the bedroom door behind them, balanced his cane on the wall, and removed his sable coat Rehvenge paused. And then shocked the crap out of her by kneeling before her. As he looked up, he had a slight smile on his lips.

But the informality of 'shocked the crap out of her' is a startling juxtaposition and, personally, takes me right out of the moment. I do like the bizarre reference to Paul Simon lyrics at the end of the passage, however, and certainly plan to read all eight books this summer. The pageant was in the news last week because a series of black-and-white "glam shots" on the pageant's website were deemed too racy by many. Obviously, we disagree. Take a look at Miss Minnesota and tell us that's not "art. Rima Fakhi, Miss Michigan, made headlines for being the pageant's first Arab-American winner, but that was quickly overshadowed by photos that emerged of her dancing on a stripper pole for a Detroit radio show's "Stripper " contest.

I do, however, worry about crowning a possible terrorist as Miss USA. Jamal R. Greene, defensive tackle, was immediately dismissed from the KU football team due to his involvement in an "alleged armed robbery" at Tuckaway Apartments a few days ago. Do the boys support Coach Gill's quick punishment? I thought this was to be a new 'warm and fuzzy' era under Gill, in which players were never punished but rather hugged and prayed over until they behaved properly. Greene's behavior is just kids being kids. I like to think that Mangino would simply have applauded his hostility and found a way to channel it on the field.

Kalamata Fit and fuckable women in

If they had been living somewhere other than Lawrence they would probably be Fir in the Library right now. I highly discourage any student athlete who is thinking about attending KU from ever stepping foot in Lawrence. The stinch from all the hippies and homeless kapamata around Mass St. Just ask yourself This is what I've been moving towards all along. Roelofs, also a former member of legendary local band The Anniversary, has a long and storied history in Larryville. Remember the time he and the dude from Fourth of July and some other dudes you probably know staged a mock-protest when the McDonald's on 6th Street temporarily closed for renovations?

Anyway, the LC is proud to reward Roelofs with our hipster of the week award, and we suggest that you enjoy this remix of White Flight's new single "Panther" by local band 1, Light Years set to a montage of Jodie Foster's underrated Contact! It's been a long time since we showcased Anna's stripper blog because, frankly, it's been a little dull lately. We're not so interested in posts about strippers doing taxes. We tune in for the seedy business.

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